Student housing in the UK: homes for international students

Student housing in the UK: homes for international students

In some subjects, it is also possible to take a single five- or six-year course that combines a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

With so many natural and man-made attractions, combined with a relatively low cost of living and a strong emphasis on internationalization, it is likely that Hungary’s popularity as an educational destination will continue to grow.

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If you are preparing to study in the UK, you have probably already considered two main options for student accommodation: university dormitories or private housing

Student housing in the UK: homes for international students

But for those looking for a truly memorable and multicultural learning experience, there is a third option: home for international students. This student accommodation is specifically designed so that students from all over the world can live and study next to each other. Theo Bendris, student from Romania, is studying the humanities and medicine at the University of Westminster in London. Theo lives in the House of International Students (ISH) in London, home to about 700 students from the UK and other countries. "What I like most about living here is that I meet people from all over the world," says Theo. adds – The staff is very friendly and organizes many events for all of us. "The program of events at ISH is certainly impressive, including talks and lectures, cultural celebrations, quizzes, live music, sports clubs and film screenings. There is even an ISH travel group that organizes affordable trips for those looking to explore other parts of the UK and Europe. In terms of cost and convenience, Theo is more than happy. "ISH is centrally located, close to my university, and is also very affordable. I definitely recommend this type of accommodation to other students, especially those studying in central London. "The capital of the UK and the largest city, London, offers a wide variety of choices. Including student accommodation. But this does not mean that there are no dormitories for foreign students in other parts of Britain.Erkin Korey from Turkey is completing a master’s degree in political science at the University of Manchester.He lives in Manchester’s Methodist International House (MIH), which was recommended to him by a family friend . "The location and cost of MIH is just a fairy tale," says Erkin. "MIH is quite close to the university and, as far as I know, is the most affordable housing in the area." Like ISH, MIH is focused on developing cultural exchanges, bringing together students from different countries. In particular, Erkin emphasizes the fact that MIH is home to both foreign and local students – which means that it has been able to live under the same roof with native Britons as well as fellow foreigners. In London or Manchester, there are other international student homes in the UK, such as Hull International House and Birmingham International Student Homes.


Despite the crisis in the Ukrainian and world economy, the number of Ukrainians wishing to study abroad has not decreased

Education abroad: popular among Ukrainians areas of study

Such trends can be explained by the constant desire of parents to ensure the future of their children. The benefits of education abroad are well known – it is a world-renowned diploma, the opportunity to practice and gain international experience along with practical foreign language learning, and most importantly employment in prestigious international companies. Education abroad is to obtain higher education, although recently the number of Ukrainian schoolchildren studying in foreign boarding schools is increasing. After graduating from school abroad, children receive preparation for university, are more adapted to the language and social environment, feel free in another society, and receive good basic training in many subjects. The school curriculum, for example in the UK, already includes A-level or Foundation training, and thus students save one or two years of university preparation. The school program of the USA and Canada includes preparation for higher education under the International Baccalaureate program, thanks to which you can enter the highest ranked universities and the Advanced Placement program, which is dedicated to studying university courses within the school program. Preparation of Ukrainian students for admission abroad start with the child’s visit to summer camps abroad. This is, first of all, the gradual acquisition of language practice, as a foreign language is the most important factor for entering a foreign university. In such trips the child adapts to a foreign language, which will become not just a dry school subject, but a way of communication. If the child is old enough and morally inclined to study abroad, it is best to go to boarding school. There, children grow up quickly, become more responsible, more collected and thus prepare for adult life. However, we emphasize that this requires the moral readiness of both parents and children. The most popular destinations for higher education today are the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Despite Britain’s tightening of rules regarding the possibility to stay and work in this country after higher education, many graduates still manage to get jobs in prestigious companies and thus lay the foundation for their future. As for Canada, thanks in large part to the large Ukrainian diaspora, Ukrainian students have traditionally been treated very well, especially those who remain in employment after graduation. International students who receive a Canadian diploma receive a work permit from 1 to 3 years. In addition, while studying at a Canadian university or college, you are allowed to earn up to 20 hours per week during school hours and full time during the holidays. Education in the United States focuses on very strong business training, marketing, journalism and management. A feature of American universities is the traditionally high quality of education and a strong sports accent – sports teams and sections at universities, through which you can get a scholarship to those students who play sports. Canadian and US universities can be enrolled immediately after school, at 17, but better to university through preparatory programs or schools, as the average age of foreign students is 18-19 years, and Ukrainian children are the youngest. In addition to the popular UK, Canada and the United States, Ukrainians such as Switzerland, Italy and Austria are of great interest to Ukrainians. They mainly go to Italy to study design and fashion, to Austria – architecture, economics and hotel business. Switzerland is known for the quality of training in the hospitality industry, banking and international relations. The cost of education is quite diverse – education in America, Britain, Canada will cost from 11,000 euros a year and above. In Europe, you can find more budget options, a clear example of Poland – from 800 euros per year. One of the popular budget destinations is China. Inexpensive, good, quality education with English and Chinese will cost 3,000 euros a year. Given China’s growing influence on the world stage, knowing the country’s language could be very useful in the future. If we talk about alternatives, studying in Ireland can be a good alternative to British education. This country is not so popular among our compatriots, so in summer camps there are many foreigners who do not speak Russian, which is important for full immersion in the language environment. In addition, getting an education in Ireland will be an order of magnitude cheaper than in Britain. In Ireland, there is a special program: students have the right to stay in the country for a year after graduation – this time is given to them to look for work in the specialty. In many countries there are student funding programs. Basically, all of them are aimed at the fact that a student who has studied one semester at his own expense and has proven himself on the best side, receives a grant from the university or from international organizations. As for Poland, for example, it is the Visegrad Scholarship, which allows you to study for free, plus the student will be reimbursed for living expenses. When choosing to study in Europe, most of our students try to focus on those countries where after education you can get a job and earn well. Therefore, countries that are lagging behind in economic development, such as Bulgaria, are not very popular. At the same time, Greece, which is experiencing a strong economic crisis, is quite active in the position of the international educational market. This country offers very interesting cruise and hotel management programs. The peculiarity of studying in Greece is that, using their resort areas, they offer internships for first-year students – after 7-9 months of study, a student can undergo an internship lasting 3-5 months. Therefore, by working during the internship, students can partially cover their tuition costs. Economically strong Germany is famous for its public universities, which offer a very wide range of programs. However, the peculiarity of this country is that you can study, for example, at the bachelor’s degree, only in German – there is no bachelor’s degree in English in public universities in Germany. When studying for a master’s degree, you can already choose the language of instruction – German or English. The Baltic States are happy to accept Ukrainian students, providing the opportunity to study in English.