Skin care with UV protection is therefore recommended even at a young age

Skin care with UV protection is therefore recommended even at a young age

An unhealthy lifestyle keeps the skin aging faster

Deeper wrinkles that finally show up around 50 can be evened out and plumped up with a rich care. But you can’t completely remove the lotion. Prevention is the most effective way here. According to dermatologists, the aging of the skin can be delayed a lot with a healthy lifestyle.

Strong sunlight, cigarettes, too much alcohol, stress and lack of sleep are some of the greatest skin enemies. Avoiding them as much as possible is not only good for your health, but also keeps your skin looking fresh for longer. Adequate hydration is also important for rosy skin. But drinking water is often forgotten in everyday life between different appointments. It supports the skin’s moisture balance and can even out dry areas and small wrinkles.

Eczema: Mature skin becomes more sensitive to ingredients

Ignoring dry skin and not caring for it properly not only risks itching and redness. The disturbed skin barrier also promotes eczema, i.e. inflammatory reactions of the skin. These can arise, among other things, when the skin suddenly reacts sensitively and defensively to certain substances such as fragrances and preservatives due to the changed skin situation.

If you don’t care for your feet, athlete’s foot paves the way

If the protective barrier is attacked, fungal infections also have better opportunities to enter. Athlete’s foot, for example, is one of the most common fungal diseases of the skin. Often a nail fungus develops from it over the years. Regularly applying cream to your feet supports the skin’s defensive function. It is also important to keep your feet as dry as possible and to dry the spaces between the toes thoroughly after showering. After visiting saunas, swimming pools and sports halls, it is recommended to use an athlete’s foot cream.

A lack of UV protection promotes the formation of age spots

Age spots also appear more on the skin from the age of 40. Almost every second older German is affected. Age spots, also called lentigines, are yellowish-brown to dark brown discoloration of the skin on the skin. The fault is too much UV radiation over the years. But genetic factors are also suspected to be triggers. Skin care with UV protection is therefore recommended even at a young age.

Every fifth actinic keratosis becomes skin cancer

Since it is difficult for laypeople to distinguish age spots from a malignant skin change, discoloration of the skin should be checked regularly by a dermatologist as part of skin cancer screening. This also applies to so-called actinic keratoses, which also increasingly appear on the skin in mid-life – especially on the nose, forehead and ears as well as on the scalp, the back of the hands and the arms. Here, too, the years of UV exposure are to blame for the skin changes.

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The rough areas with a reddish-brown color do, however, carry a risk: in every fifth case, white skin cancer can develop from them, as dermatologists warn. Regular checks by the dermatologist are therefore part of the skin care program.

Berlin (dpa) – Anorexia – also known as anorexia nervosa – is one of the mental illnesses with the highest death rate. It is estimated that around 15 percent of those affected, mostly female, will die of either malnutrition or suicide.

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The typical disturbed perception of one’s own body and the resulting refusal to gain weight often begin in the teenage years. Reasons for this may lie in the sometimes exaggerated ideal of slimness of our time – but not least in family relationships that downright overwhelm young people.

Sat.1 dedicates its family drama to this serious topic "Made of skin and bones" (Tuesday, December 1st, at 8.15 p.m.). Thanks to an intelligent script (by Burkhardt Wunderlich), sensitive direction (Christina Schiewe, "Lotta – and the beautiful glow") and a discreet, truly acting actor, a TV story was created that promotes understanding of the disease without making it appear depressingly difficult.

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Following the work of Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion (Cologne) for Sat.1, the station reports in the magazine "akte.Spezial – When food is scary" (10:20 p.m.) about true cases.argumentative essay rubric grade 7

But also Lisa-Marie Koroll, leading actress in "Made of skin and bones", is a victim. The 22-year-old suffered from eating disorders at 16, which she wrote in the 2017 book "Let confetti rain for you" made public. "Now I have such a distance that it is no longer a danger for me"says the former child star ("Family Dr. Kleist", "Bibi & Tina") from Eisenach according to a message from the broadcaster.

In the film she plays – in corresponding scenes with a body double – the 16-year-old Lara, who weighs only 43 kilos, but still feels disgustingly fat. She deceives her loving middle-class parents with several layers of thick sweaters and hiding leftover food behind the closet.

Mother Susanne (Anja Kling, "Freud") and father Peter (Oliver Mommsen, ex-"crime scene" Bremen) ignore the first warnings that indicate their daughter’s illness. Only after the girl is pushed into the pool by a boy at a summer party and then freed from her wet clothes can the emaciated body be seen. While the mother reacts in horror, Peter refuses to acknowledge the realities. But a period of suffering begins in which the parents find out again and again how much they are betrayed by their daughter.

The caring Susanne looks for the causes in herself. But she always crosses boundaries by sniffing around in Lara’s things. Peter later agrees to find a place in a therapy group for the reluctant girl. At the end there is the bitter realization that the parents themselves pushed their daughter into the disease, in which the girl sought sovereignty and self-confidence in the apparent control of her own body.

The corolla, which appears touchingly natural in the Sat.1 interview, explains: "It is important to me to show what kind of struggle affected girls have with themselves every day and that the greatest opponent is actually themselves."

Jeans suit everyone and always – provided you find the right one. Style advisors know who should wear which jeans shape and type.

These jeans are trendy
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It came onto the market for the first time in 1872 – and has been around since then: Jeans are not only durable as a single item, but also as a fashion trend. "Jeans is a love that never ends"says Tanja Croonen, spokeswoman for the Mode + Textil association.

In addition to the more romantic associations such as freedom and – even 65 years after James Dean – rebellion there are very practical advantages that speak in favor of jeans. Approximately, "that the jeans neither get dirty quickly nor look dirty. Easy to care for, it looks like new after every wash"says Croonen.

The greatest fashion advantage, however, is their versatility, says Sonja Grau, a personal shopper from Ulm. "Because jeans can always be reinterpreted. It has what it takes to create a new, stylish, lasting appearance with every combination. The individual styling with jeans is endless and therefore unbeatable."

However, the basis for the right combination is the individually correct model. And that can look completely different depending on the type – here is a brief overview of the perfect jeans:

For bargain hunters

"People with a small budget shouldn’t buy cheap jeans, but rather look at a sale offer"advises shopping advisor Grau. For those who can only afford the money for a single pair of jeans, they recommend straight-cut jeans with an even wash – they are also the most versatile. For browsing you will find a large selection of jeans on sale in this article.

For the environmentally conscious and socially committed

"It depends on the whole process", says Silke Gerloff, style consultant from Offenbach. "The first step is the question: which material is used? Organic cotton is good here." The next important aspect is the dyeing process. "Light washes and signs of wear are produced with chlorine bleach or sandblasting, which is also problematic for the workers."

Association spokeswoman Croonen counters: "We observe and support the fact that more and more jeans are produced and washed sustainably – without potassium spray, without pumice stones, with very little water. The bleaching takes place with ozone." Those who want to be sure can stick to seals such as Ökotex, GOTS or Bluesign.

For the fashion conscious

"Paperbag jeans are currently the trend for women"says Gerloff. These pants are cut to the waist and are tied with a fabric belt. Some models also have pleats, so they are a little wider in the hip area and converge narrower at the bottom.

Also trendy shapes are the slightly wider cut Marlene jeans and the very wide and ankle-length culottes. "There are also more bootcut shapes again", observed Gerloff.

In addition, color now comes into play: for women, for example, soft pastel tones. They can also find particularly noticeable washes, such as tie-dye effects or two different washes within one pair of pants. For women as well as men, jeans in white or ecru, a light beige, are trendy, for men generally light-colored jeans.

For chubby figures

According to Gerloff, particularly chubby people should pay attention to vertical and stretching lines and choose jeans with long legs – not too tight, but rather straight cut. "A small bootcut can distract from having a wider hip"is the tip of the style consultant. However, the leg should not be exposed too far, as this can compress the visual appearance again.

For slim figures

The pants should have horizontal lines; a low rise makes the pelvic area wider. Pockets that are attached to the side and perhaps emphasized with a decorative seam can visually fill the basin a little.

For women who want to hide problem areas

Gerloff advises women with a tummy to wear jeans with a higher rise. "A waistband above the stomach emphasizes the waist. Pockets and zippers shouldn’t be too bulky."

A large bottom can be concealed with flat back pockets that are placed on the side and have a low rise. A small butt can be visually padded with pockets placed in the middle, which can also be a little bulky. Fashion consultant Grau recommends: "Wearers with strong thighs prefer skinny jeans and opt for jeans with straight legs." Mom or Marlene jeans leave a little more leeway here.

Men with typical problem areas

For men with too much belly, unlike women, it is better that the pants end below the belly. After all, emphasizing the waist is not an option here.

Men with comparatively short legs should rather not roll up their pants, but cut them off straight away. Shortened forms are also not advisable. It is better to avoid a low rise and low pockets – both of which visually shorten the legs too much. The case is different with a particularly flat bottom, says style consultant Gerloff: "Large, low pockets visually support the bottom and fill it up."

Jeans: The pants are more robust than almost any other pants. (Source: Yuriy Kovtun / Getty Images)

For lovers of high heels

"Women should generally opt for narrow-cut jeans when wearing high heels", advises Grau. "With flared jeans, for example, the high heels do not come into their own." For style advisor Gerloff, however, a small bootcut is definitely an option. She also emphasizes: "High shoes help lengthen the leg optically if the trousers are cut closer to the hips."

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For lovers of flat shoes

Here it is not just a question of the jeans, but above all of the shoes. "Super skinny jeans look very nice with ballerinas"says Gerloff. As an accompaniment to sneakers, on the other hand, she would rather recommend the slightly wider mom or boyfriend jeans. "Anything more casual goes well with flat shoes."

Sources used: dpa-tmn news agency

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