Find out here how the trick against vermin works

Find out here how the trick against vermin works

The sieves should also be removed, dismantled and cleaned from time to time.

Lime can be dissolved with vinegar

Another problem in the kitchen is limescale on taps, kettles or coffee machines. Oberascher relies on vinegar essence here. "I fill the jug full of water, boil it, then add about 125 milliliters of vinegar and let the mixture work for several hours. It’s a gentle method." Then you should brush the device through again with detergent and water.

The alternative is a commercially available descaler. You can also combat limescale on the tap with vinegar. Simply soak a cloth in vinegar water and wrap it around the mixer. After a few hours the limescale will have dissolved and you can wipe the fittings with water and a little detergent.

Clean clogged drains with home remedies

If water builds up in the sink, you don’t have to call the plumber straight away. "If constipation is mild, I would try home remedies like baking soda, vinegar, or hot water"says Andreas Braun from the Central Association of Sanitary, Heating, Air Conditioning. "When you pour vinegar down the drain, the acid releases the clog." As soon as the water runs off, rinse with hot water. "Then, as a rule, slight blockages resolve on their own."

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If that doesn’t help, the suction bell is on. The expert advises against chemical drain cleaners. "Use them with caution. The salts it contains develop caustic alkalis and vapors"says Braun. If you do not want to do without these agents, you should definitely pay attention to the manufacturer’s information.

A woman driver went off the road on State Road 2790 near Motten (Bad Kissingen district) and had a fatal accident. The state road was initially closed in both directions. According to the police, the woman’s car skidded on Tuesday for an initially unexplained cause. The car fell down an embankment to the right of the lane and hit a tree. Rescue workers tried to revive the woman, but she succumbed to her injuries at the scene of the accident.

After an argument at a party, a drunk man haunted his adversary at home in Lower Franconia. The 43-year-old rang the doorbell from Saturday to Sunday in Motten (Bad Kissingen district) Sturm and then smashed the front door. His 24 year old opponent then opened and the two men attacked each other. The 43-year-old put a cigarette out of the young man’s neck and hit him on the lip. Police reported that he would face charges of drunk driving, willful bodily harm and property damage. The 24-year-old had previously returned home with his girlfriend from a party in a garage because he wanted to avoid further trouble with the man – in vain, as it turned out.

What do Barack Obama, David Bowie and Bernie Sanders have in common? At least one thing: you are the namesake of newly discovered spider species.


Insects and arachnids in the home garden
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Former US President Barack Obama has one, as does his wife Michelle, the late musician David Bowie and the naturalist David Attenborough. We’re talking about newly discovered spiders named after the celebrities. Students and researchers at the University of Vermont, United States, have identified 15 new species.

To be named after a spider is an honor

"In naming the spiders, the students and I wanted to honor people who stand up for human rights and warn of climate change – political leaders and artists who promote sensible solutions for a better world", explains spider expert Ingi Agnarsson, who led the project, in a press release from the kill a mockingbird essay conclusion paragraph

The newly baptized spiders live in northern North America down to Brazil in South America. So far, experts assumed that all of the now named spiders belong to the same species from the spider genus Spintharus. Genetic studies have now shown that there are at least 15 different species instead. "The DNA data are clear: these spiders have not reproduced among themselves for millions of years, i.e. they have not exchanged genes"says Agnarsson.


S. barackobamai, S. michelleobamaae or S. davidbowiei

The new species now have names such as Spintharus davidattenboroughi, S. barackobamai, S. michelleobamaae or S. davidbowiei. The new findings would also influence the protection of animals. It is a completely different task to preserve a widespread species or to protect the special habitat of individual, genetically isolated species.


These crawfish have famous namesakes: the spiders Spintharus Barackobamai, Spintharus Davidbowiei and Spintharus Davidattenboroughi (from left). (Source: UVM / Agnarsson lab / dpa)

Leonardo DiCaprio: from teenage crush to namesake

The investigation took place as part of the Caribbean Biogeography Project. Students who worked on this were given the opportunity to choose names for the newly identified species. For a student, a teenage crush was crucial for the actor Leonardo DiCaprio. "I’m over the crush. But now that he’s committed to protecting the environment, I love him even more"says Chloe Van Patten. She hopes he’ll get wind of the honor and invite her to dinner to talk about climate change.

According to the press release, all students were able to agree on honoring the non-party politician Bernie Sanders, who represents the state of Vermont in the US Senate. They all have tremendous respect for the former Democratic candidate in the presidential primary. It gives a sense of hope.

Other spiders with celebrity names are, for example, the Otacilia loriot (named after the actor Loriot) or the Calponia harrisonfordi (named after the actor Harrisson Ford). 

US President Trump gives his name to a moth

Naming a species after a politician can also be a dubious honor. The current US president is the godfather of a species of moth, Neopalpa donaldtrumpi. The yellowish-white scales on their heads reminded the namesake of Trump’s hairstyle. A very hairy caterpillar also bears his name.


A number of animal species have now been named after the naturalist Attenborough, such as a small frog from Peru, a rare Tasmanian snail or a carnivorous plant.

Mini bow tie with a heavy name

Another insect with a prominent name is also the little fly called Megapropodiphora arnoldi. Because of its bulging front legs, it was named by researcher Brian Brown after ex-actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But not only insects have celebrity names. For example, a species of frog was named after the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom Charles, Prince of Wales: Hyloscirtus princecharlesi.

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Three people were injured and ten calves died in a fire in a stable in Lower Franconia. The 37-year-old owner and two helpers suffered smoke poisoning while attempting to extinguish the fire, as the police announced on Sunday. 120 firefighters finally brought the flames, which spread quickly through the straw, under control. According to initial investigations, a defective heat lamp caused the fire on Saturday evening in Motten (Bad Kissingen district).

With the odor-intensive oregano spice, moths from the wardrobe and aphids from plants can easily be expelled. You do not need any other ingredients. Find out here how the trick against vermin works.


Tips against pests
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Repel moths with oregano

Oregano is a popular spice and has a very intense odor. However, the herb’s scent is too intense for moths, which is why it is ideal for repelling the pests. To do this, put about two tablespoons of dried oregano in a scented bag, an old sock or kitchen paper, and tie them together as a bag. Now simply put the scented sachets in your closet; the disadvantage of this method is that the clothes take on the smell of the herb. However, if you hang out your tops and pants just before you put them on, the scent will dissipate quickly.

Remove aphids with oregano

Aphids can also be gently removed with the herb. To do this, add about 100 grams of fresh or ten grams of dried oregano to about one liter of boiling water and let everything steep for 20 minutes. After the brew has cooled down, pour it through a sieve into a spray bottle and dilute it in a 3: 1 ratio with a little water. Now you can spray the agent on the affected parts of the plant.

But fresh oregano is also ideal for repelling pests. As a bed border, it drives away voracious pests in an environmentally friendly way.

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How to fight pests in the garden, see our photo show.

Last year, researchers discovered 139 previously unknown species in Southeast Asia. This is reported by the environmental foundation WWF. A moth as pretty as a piece of jewelry, a frog with smeared paper skin, a rattlesnake imitator and a wasp named after creatures from the Harry Potter films were noticed as particularly bizarre.

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The so-called Mekong region, which stretches from Myanmar through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia to Vietnam, is a real treasure trove for animal and plant experts. On average, three new species are discovered here every day. Since 1997 there have been more than 2000.

The habitat of many animals is threatened: because plantations are being created and dams are being built, and because cities are growing. Therefore there are only a few copies of many. "One wonders how many species disappeared before they were even discovered", said Carlos Drews from WWF.

A selection of the animals that have now been discovered

SIRINDHORNIA MOTH: It has wings only five millimeters long and was discovered in Thailand. The researchers are particularly interested in the genitals of the pretty little animal. They are extremely complex in moths. The researchers found 53 features in the tiny moths that distinguish them from all others and provide information about their evolutionary history.

FROG GRACIXALUS LUMARIUS: That was discovered by two students in Vietnam. The frog is yellowish-pink at night, rather brown during the day. The researchers don’t yet know how it changes color. The texture of its skin, which resembles sandpaper, is also unusual. Gracixalus lumarius is also one of those rare frogs that spawn in tree hollows, where the tadpoles can grow up away from voracious predators.


WASP AMPULEX DEMENTOR: An insect like from the horror film: this wasp paralyzes its prey with a single sting and then devours it alive. Cockroaches, for example, are victims. Visitors to the Natural History Museum Berlin were allowed to vote on the name and opted for Dementor, after the soul-sucking creatures of the Harry Potter series.

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SNAKE LYCODON ZOOSVICTORIAE: The reptile from Cambodia becomes aggressive when perceived danger. It then vibrates its tail like a rattlesnake but is non-toxic. The scientists found only one specimen. The snake eats small lizards.

Everyone knows them: the care labels on the textiles. But not everyone knows what they mean. We explain which symbol stands for suitable for tumble drying and what has to be observed.


These are the dryer symbolsWhat to watch out for when dryingDanger of fire with bras with foam shirts with prints can meltWool can shrink and feltMixing programs are gentleDryers are not "Laundry eater"Do not overfill the drum. If in doubt, ask the manufacturer

The care labels on clothing and textiles reveal how the item of laundry should be cleaned and cared for in the best possible way – so that it neither shrinks, becomes worn out or discolored.

If most of them still know the meaning of the washing symbols, the cryptic dryer symbols are not familiar to the few. They provide important information as to whether the item of laundry is suitable for drying in a tumble dryer – regardless of whether it is a heat pump, exhaust air or condenser dryer – or not. Here we introduce you to the various dryer symbols and explain what they mean.


What washing symbols mean
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These are the dryer symbols

The general dryer symbol is a circle in a square.