Flower trade pushed Mutterta

Flower trade pushed Mutterta

This was Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis’ favorite flower. As early as 1850, the wife of a Methodist minister wanted to start a day for mothers. But it wasn’t about the little thank you from the children and husband. She wanted to draw attention to the poor hygienic and social conditions under which women had to work. But only her daughter Anna Marie Jarvis made the breakthrough.

Flower trade pushed Mother’s Day

Now there is Mother’s Day almost everywhere on earth. Most of them, like us, celebrate it on the second Sunday in May. It found its way into Germany in 1923, brought into being by the flower trade. In 1925 the Association for Public Health took on the day and wrote about it: "Remember your goodness mother today, bring her a fresh blossom". Fresh flowers were primarily the flowers of the season back then. So on Mother’s Day the mothers were given everything that the season had to offer. Romantic flowers like lilies of the valley, forget-me-nots, violets and bleeding hearts were very popular. But lilacs, peonies, late tulips and daffodils as well as early roses were popular as Mother’s Day gifts.

Large, gorgeous flowers are popular

Since then, preferences have changed, and so have the choices that are made on Mother’s Day. The rose claims the top unchallenged. It dominates individually, but mostly as a mixed bouquet, surrounded by freesia and ornithogalum, by anemones, gypsophila and the chalice of the heart (Eucharis). The place of the roses can also be taken by other large and magnificent flowers, such as lilies, anthuriums and orchids. Depending on the season, peonies also have their grand entrance. So that the recipient can enjoy their splendor for a long time, peonies are bought with unopened flowers, but already showing their color. When they bloom, they take up a lot of space.

Affordable for Mother’s Day

Small bouquets look particularly pretty as Biedermeier bouquets with a cuff. Short-stemmed roses, freesias, daisies, forget-me-nots, gold lacquer, ranunculus, anemones and columbines are suitable for this. Small potted plants such as pot frogs, blue lizards (Exacum affine) as well as mini African and African violets, bell-shaped kalanchoe (Kalanchoe miniata) and pot vinca (Catharanthus roseus) are also popular. For balcony and terrace lovers, there are also fuchsias, convertible florets, pelargoniums and fragrant herbs such as thyme or lavender.

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On Mother’s Day, the children of the house should pamper their mother – according to every trick in the book. As the following tips prove, such an undertaking doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Most important tip: It depends on the gesture

While flowers, perfume and delicatessen items cost hundreds of euros over the counter on Valentine’s Day and Christmas, on Mother’s Day it is more a matter of small gestures with the most personal touch possible. If the mother sacrifices herself for the well-being of the family in everyday life, she should be allowed to put her feet up completely on that day.

So when children want to spoil their mother, they simply relieve her of the many everyday tasks – from preparing breakfast to running around the supermarket. (What mothers really want)

Pamper and entertain mom

Meanwhile, mom can finally turn to the things that she has been putting on the back burner for ages because of her job and household responsibilities. A funny alternative is to issue vouchers that the mother receives in bed on the morning of Mother’s Day. There are no limits to creativity. A reference to everyday life makes sense: Vouchers for housework are ideal if the mother is otherwise solely responsible for it.123helpme.me

Special extras such as free tickets for a massage, breakfast in bed or an invitation to dinner work even better. Tip: If you want to take the tension to the extreme, you can hide the vouchers throughout the house and play a kind of scavenger hunt with mom. Not only from the hand of small children, also self-made or self-written poems have a great effect. (Forget Mother’s Day: What Can I Do?)

The well-intentioned Mother’s Day present in the form of a bouquet of flowers has failed to make an impact? Since there is no right of return, you will probably get stuck with it.

No right of withdrawal for flowers

The revocation clause of the Distance Selling Act usually applies to goods that you order by telephone, catalog or the Internet. This grants you a two-week right of return – without giving a reason. However, this right of return does not apply to flowers that you order online as Mother’s Day gifts. Accordingly, you are well advised to carefully select the bouquet from the network. The photos always look perfect – so pay more attention to the text. Various hints are hidden in this, for example on the seasonal use of substitute flowers. Mind you, you can always complain about the bouquet and request improvements, for example if the flowers are missing or no longer fresh.

Have the “freshness guarantee” confirmed in writing.

There is also no right of return for flowers at the florist around the corner. After all, if these wear off after two days, you cannot rely on a best-before date. Some retailers offer a “freshness guarantee” – however, you should have this confirmed in writing when purchasing.

Care tips: This is how the Mother’s Day bouquet stays fresh. Tips for Mother’s Day: Handing over flowers correctly: Tips for Mother’s Day

You still do not have a right to a return, but you do have a better argumentation basis for the complaint. If the Mother’s Day present just doesn’t appeal, you are ultimately dependent on the goodwill of the respective retailer. Some exchange flowers that have already been purchased, provided they are still in perfect condition. Otherwise, the phrase “bought is bought” applies to flowers.

Did you forget Mother’s Day? Don’t worry, this will happen to even the most attentive family members at some point. The following tips will help you get the hang of it again.

Tips for the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast

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A mother is not resentful

Hand on heart: do you have the annual Mother’s Day on your agenda? Many forget the special day for the most important woman in their life. This is mainly due to the fact that Mother’s Day does not have a fixed date such as Valentine’s Day. Instead, it takes place on the second Sunday in May and therefore on a different date every year. So it is not surprising that even observant husbands and children occasionally forget Mother’s Day.

Unless you noticed this a few days later, it is usually not as bad: a mother is rarely resentful when surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sincere apology. After all, loving gestures do not have a calendar dictation – it is only important that they really come from the heart.

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Forget Mother’s Day: Tips for Last Minute Gifts

Since Mother’s Day is less commercialized than Valentine’s Day, for example, you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets. Correspondingly, going to the shops is often unnecessary, so that you can theoretically make up for the omission in the late evening on Mother’s Day. Surprise the lady of the house, for example, with a beautifully laid dinner table, a massage or a bubble bath with candles. Tip: If you originally wanted to take your mother on a trip or a visit to a restaurant, you can create a self-made voucher with a little creativity.

Correct behavior is appropriate and necessary on Mother’s Day. As is so often the case, it is the little things that make a very special pleasure.

Tips for the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast

Photo series with 8 pictures

Correct behavior: what is appropriate?

At least once a year, mothers deserve great rewards for all of their troubles and worries. This does not mean big gifts at all, but rather delicate, small gestures. Correct behavior begins on the morning of Mother’s Day. Surprise the person of the hour with breakfast in bed, a magnificent bouquet of flowers and a beautiful card. Self-made things are also very popular: the children could draw a picture in advance or make a chain, for example. Ideally, mom doesn’t notice anything about the tinkering before Mother’s Day, then the surprise is even better. Of course, classic gifts such as perfumes and sweets are also appropriate for the occasion. However, Mother’s Day is significantly less commercialized compared to Valentine’s Day. For you, this means that you can safely postpone the financially expensive gestures to other holidays. (What mothers really want)

All-round service into the evening hours

Of course, Mother’s Day does not end with the gift ceremony in the morning. If the mother in your family is usually responsible for the household, then you will certainly be happy if you relieve her of the many annoying tasks of everyday life during the day: from washing up or putting the dishwasher in, to doing laundry and visiting the supermarket. In the meantime, the recipient can really relax and indulge in things for which she otherwise has no time. You can end the day with a dinner with the family. Of course, the mother should also be allowed to put her feet up here while the other family members swing the wooden spoon. (Pamper your own mother: tips)

The second Sunday in May has been dedicated to mothers for 90 years – but is Mother’s Day still appropriate in 2013? Some find it outdated and old-fashioned and would like to get rid of it. One thing is certain: custom draws attention to the mother’s job. And that can also stress and make you sick, because the demands on mothers grow. "There is an insane pressure", thinks Anne Schilling from the maternal recovery organization. Celebrating Mother’s Day – what speaks for and what speaks against it.

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"Mothers have to look good, remain attractive to the partner, be interested and as successful as possible at work. And they should encourage the children broadly, in terms of school, music and sport. All this under time pressure" Schilling summarizes the requirements for modern mothers. She knows: "Many have a high demand for perfection in themselves." The consequences for tens of thousands are severe exhaustion, burn-out, sleep disorders, back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and allergies. "In 2012, 135,000 mothers came to our consultations, 44,000 of them came to one of our clinics for a cure with 64,000 children," said the manager of the maternal recovery organization.

What burdens mothers most

The list of burdens is long: lack of recognition, constant lack of time, primary responsibility for the family, relationship problems, financial worries, caring for a loved one, social isolation. Schilling emphasizes that mothers of all walks of life are affected. Every fifth mother in Germany is a single parent. Around 60 percent work, and a growing number are caring for a relative. Mothers need more support, demands the recovery work. Mother’s Day may have an old-fashioned image, but it still makes sense.

Majority of mothers want to celebrate Mother’s Day

After 90 years, Mother’s Day still plays a role for many. Forsa recently commissioned the magazine by 1001 mothers "parents" surveyed, 57 percent said they celebrated it in some way. 48 percent think it’s beautiful "because he recognizes my performance". Triple mother Barbara Hillebrand from Cologne also says: "I would be very disappointed if there wasn’t anything this time. It can be a bit maudlin on Mother’s Day. Once a year we mothers deserve it." So far, she has received embroidered fabric tags, painted bookmarks or picture frames.

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Mother’s Day as a ritual of gratitude

The sociologist Sabina Schutter says, especially in view of the growing demands on women, Mother’s Day is a day "nice ritual"that expresses gratitude and strengthens relationships. The scientist from the German Youth Institute in Munich believes that mothers are more happy about traditional gifts than about a Facebook greeting. "Of course, Mother’s Day does not release society and politics from actively advocating for the improvement of families in terms of gender equality, family policy and social policy."

Is there a brown shadow over Mother’s Day?

"Mother’s Day has a complicated story", explains Professor Annette Henninger from the University of Marburg. The idea comes from the English and American women’s movement at the end of the 19th century. The flower trade sensed a business, established Mother’s Day in this country in 1923. During National Socialism it was abused and used as a "Special day" the large ones "Aryan mother" propagated. This dark chapter has not been fully dealt with. "In light of this complicated Mother’s Day story, I advocate abolition"says the gender researcher.

Classic gifts for Mother’s Day are still popular today

Teacher Helga Nebot would regret this: "It is a day when the woman is in the foreground, a recognition for her work as a housewife and mother and possibly also her double burden of a job." The 44-year-old from the Ruhr area definitely wants to enjoy the day and expects one of the classic Mother’s Day surprises from her three children "That the children painted a picture or made something. And that I can sleep longer and breakfast is made."

Not in the mood for Mother’s Day – how do I tell my child?

If, on the other hand, mothers do not want to celebrate Mother’s Day, they should give their children the reasons why, advises educational advisor Andreas Engel. "For example, when she thinks the day conveys an image of women that is too traditional."