Sometimes more time is needed when political crisis areas have to be flown around a large area

Sometimes more time is needed when political crisis areas have to be flown around a large area

What do individual travelers do if their airline suddenly becomes insolvent?

The companies have made provisions for this: In this case, other airlines make cheap transport offers to those affected ("Rescue Fares"), explains the BDL. That also worked in the Germania case.

Hidden flight costs: how can you compare prices transparently?

If you want to reserve a seat or check in luggage, you have to pay a lot more with many airlines. "When booking tickets, passengers are increasingly being offered a modular principle – especially for checked baggage. In addition, the baggage regulations differ depending on the booking class and tariff", explains Carola Scheffler from the BDL. Only one thing helps here: "Passengers should therefore find out more about this on the website of the airline in question before departure. In this way the passenger can choose exactly what he needs and, if necessary, would like to book."

Indeed: "Especially the increasing abundance of offers – especially the price and tariff offers of low-cost and scheduled airlines – is often difficult for the layperson to understand"says Dr. Madeker. The travel expert’s tip: "You can get free advice on this from a travel agency. The travel experts there clarify the customers before booking and point out hidden fees."

What should you pay particular attention to?

One flight, several tariffs: Here you can check carefully whether the respective price already includes free baggage. If the luggage costs extra, it is best to book this option at the same time. This is usually much cheaper than at check-in. If you don’t book a non-stop flight, you should check: Are the baggage prices only for part of the route or for the entire journey? If you only want to take hand luggage with you, you should observe the permitted dimensions.

Which baggage regulations and prices do the airlines have?

This is sometimes extremely different. If you think about your luggage when you book your flight, you can pay from eight euros at Eurowings and up to 75 euros at Finnair. And if you only find out at the airport that the bag is too big for hand luggage, you have to add at least 120 euros to Tuifly. The comparison portal Check24 has determined the costs of various airlines. Here is an overview of the most important airlines.

Airline and tariff Free baggage allowance (adults, children, infants) Costs when booking in euros Costs at the airport in euros Can be booked in hours before the flight Air Baltic, Basicno / no / 10k gave 19.99, from 34.99 after booking40 (at the gate: 60) 2Air Dolomiti, Lightno / no / no25 to 3040 (at gate: 55) 24Air France, Mini / Lightno / no / no15-254030Alitalia, Lightno / no / no25-504524Austrian, Economy Lightno / no / no15-2530 (at gate: 55) 2British Airways, Hand Baggage Onlyno / no / no25-5550-7524Brussels Airlines, Check&Gonein / no / no25 (on the day of the flight: 45) 454Czech Airline, travel package Valuenein / no / no25-3545No informationeasyJet, standardno / no / nofrom 11.6947 (at gate: 60) 2Eurowings, Basic / SMARTno / no / nofrom 8from 303 at German airports: 40 min.) Finnair, Light tariffno / no / no10-60 (at customer service: 30-75) 30-1503Iberia, Economy Lightno / no / no15-2030-3524KLM, Economy Lightno / no / 10 kg254024Lufthansa, Economy Lightno / no / no15-2530-40 (at the gate: 55) 2Ryanair, Lownein / no / no from 15402 Tuifly, Purenein / no / no from 19 from 1202

What does the Germania insolvency mean for small regional airports?college essay community service

They are particularly hard hit. In some cases, Germania was the largest airline there. Example Erfurt / Weimar: 70 percent of travelers took off there with Germania (185,000 passengers in 2018). In Rostock-Laage, the Germania share was 46 percent. So far, a third of the passengers have flown with Germania from Lake Constance Airport in Friedrichshafen, and a quarter from Münster / Osnabrück.

Insolvency: That’s why GermaniaGermania failed: That’s why customers go away empty-handed"Anger, just endless anger": Germania flight attendant about the bankruptcy

Many of the small and medium-sized airports are already in the red and are kept afloat with taxpayers’ money. For them, the Germania insolvency is dramatic as an even tougher battle for the remaining airlines is likely to begin.

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The two terms "Direct flight" and "Non-stop flight" are often used synonymously. Actually, they don’t mean the same thing. With either type of flight, the aircraft may make intermediate stops.

When booking a flight, be careful: if you are a "Direct flight" announced flight expects to take off at the start and only land at the destination, may be disappointed. Because on a direct flight, the aircraft can definitely make a stopover.

What is a direct flight?

Only the so-called non-stop flight ensures that travelers head for the holiday destination without interruption. This does not necessarily have to be the case with a direct flight. One or more stopovers are possible here, they happen according to plan.

One reason for a stop can be to refuel the aircraft. On long flights, the stopover can also be used to swap personnel on board. The stop is sometimes also used to pick up passengers or to let them disembark.

Another possibility is that it is a codeshare flight. In this case, one airline will operate the first part of the route, another the second. For the passengers, this means that they have to get on another aircraft during a stopover. Like the term "Codeshare" reveals, the flight number is usually retained.

For example, a flight plan can give the impression that a flight is a direct route from Frankfurt to New York. In reality, the flight of the booked airline ends in Paris, from there it continues with a partner company. What the passenger might perceive as sham is legally completely legal. The Warsaw Convention of 1929, which regulates international air traffic, obliges the "Air carrier" only to promote the buyer of a ticket. What kind of aircraft and what crew is up to him.

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What is a non-stop flight?

A non-stop flight is a non-stop flight. This is also evident from the definition of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). A direct flight is therefore not necessarily a non-stop flight. But every non-stop flight is a direct flight.

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People whose relatives or acquaintances work for an airline probably know the word: stand-by tickets. What’s up with these tickets?

The most popular airlines in 2018

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Stand-by tickets are special flight tickets that are only reserved for the airline’s employees – and at an unbeatable price.

In principle, these are waiting list tickets. "You drive to the airport, check in, check in your luggage, go through the security check and wait at the gate to see if there is still a space in the machine", says Stefan Eiselin, editor-in-chief of the aviation news portal "Aerotelegraph". If this is the case, the luggage will also be loaded. "In the past, such tickets were also available for private individuals, now only for airline employees."

There is no right to transport with a stand-by ticket

Stand-by tickets have advantages and disadvantages. According to Eiselin, the ticket costs only about 10 percent of the normal price. In an industry like aviation, where you don’t get rich, airline employees are happy to take advantage of this opportunity. "And the airline doesn’t lose any money and flies anyway."

However, the employee has no right to promotion. "Sometimes you see people standing nervously at the counter"says Eiselin. Because it is often unclear whether there will be a free seat until shortly before departure. If, for example, a travel group is rebooked on the desired flight, then suddenly all seats are occupied. The stand-by passenger then remains at the airport.

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Particularly popular on long-haul flights

Stand-by tickets are particularly popular for expensive long-haul flights. The ticket prices within Europe are low anyway, says Eiselin. The price advantage may not outweigh the uncertainty as to whether you are even allowed to fly. "Some prefer to book at the normal rate and have the security for it."

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Airplanes have become more modern. Despite all the progress, the flight time for the same route is often longer than before. Why is that?

Flying has become cheaper and cheaper over the past decades. Airplanes became quieter. But progress stopped at one thing: speed. Today, airplanes often take longer than they used to. Why is that?

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Flying slower is cheaper

This has economic and ecological backgrounds, explains aviation expert Cord Schellenberg. "You no longer fly constantly at top speed. That might cost a few minutes more, but less kerosene and therefore less money." Unlike in the past, it is no longer common for pilots to fly as quickly as possible, for example to make up for lost time due to a delayed departure. Sometimes more time is needed when political crisis areas have to be flown around a large area.

The passenger is not always in the air longer

The more air traffic is handled at a large airport, the more likely it is that there are waiting times on the ground. "For example, when waiting for permission to start the engines or through longer taxi times from the parking position to the runway"says Schellenberg. The flight schedules would also be adjusted to avoid delays. Sometimes the flights are only longer on paper, but the passenger is no longer in the air.

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Airline boarding passes contain a variety of personal information that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. So never put a photo of it online. And don’t throw your boarding pass away carelessly after your trip.

You should therefore destroy the ticket after your flight

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Who on Instagram after the keyword "boarding pass" searches, which currently receives more than 91,000 hits listed. Probably very few users worry about the issue of security when they proudly post their travel trophy. But that’s a mistake.

Barcodes contain a lot of details

Security experts like Michal Špacek point out that the barcode on a boarding pass can be used to spy out future travel plans. Špacek managed to change and cancel upcoming flights at a live security conference. A traveler’s frequent flyer information was also like an open book in front of him.

The reason for this lies in the unbelievable carelessness of many airlines. On your website, your last name and booking number are sufficient as a username and password for cancellations and rebookings. It can happen that a stranger gets to the login data of a passenger through the boarding pass and cancels his return flight from the trip for which the person concerned has not yet checked in.

Readers are easy to come by

To read the barcodes on the boarding passes, a 20 euro barcode reader is sufficient. And the information stored in the boarding passes is already available in plain text. Nevertheless, according to security journalist Brian Krebs last week, according to his research, even large airlines such as United and Lufthansa have not adequately remedied this security gap.

The security experts Karsten Nohl and Nemanja Nikodijevic also found out that numerous airlines essentially use the six-digit booking code, also known as PNR, as a temporary password. As people travel, everything from boarding passes to baggage tags is attached to the PNR along with the passenger’s name.

Do not post pictures of airline tickets on the Internet

"You would guess that a string of characters used like a password is kept as secret as a password"said Nohl. "But they don’t do that, they print it on everything you get from the airline."

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Therefore, pictures of them should never be posted on the Internet and, even if they have already expired, should never be left in the hotel, but best shredded. It is better to use apps and digital documents on the smartphone. The security code of the mobile device protects this data, even if the smartphone is stolen or lost.

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The wildcat is one of the endangered species in Germany. It is not only the ever-shrinking living space that troubles the animals. Too much helpfulness on the part of hikers can also be critical for the animals. Time and again, small wild cats are confused with domestic cats and taken away.

According to the Federal Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND), an estimated 5000 to 7000 wild cats live together in small populations in Germany. The main distribution areas include the Eifel, Hunsrück, Westerwald, Palatinate Forest and Taunus. The extremely shy animals can also be found in the Harz, in the Spessart and in some areas of Bavaria. But humans penetrate more and more into their living space.

Road traffic is the number one killer

The steadily increasing traffic, the construction of new housing estates and the intensive agriculture are pushing the wildcats back further and further. "Road traffic is one of the number one killer of wild cats", knows Susanne Schneider, wild cat expert at BUND Hessen. "Many animals are run over while crossing the streets."