The ceremony will take place at the A.P.

The ceremony will take place at the A.P.

Sinyugina also stressed that the result of the creation of this model should be the availability of psychological and pedagogical support for all children without exception with disabilities and disabilities, regardless of their place of residence.

“One of the key tasks is to customize the system for each specific child, for his educational needs, and not try to make him adapt to the system,” the Deputy Minister summed up.

Director of the City Psychological and Pedagogical Center of Moscow Lyubov Oltarzhevskaya and Minister of Education and Science of the Khabarovsk Territory Alla Kuznetsova spoke about the regional experience of organizing psychological and pedagogical support.

Also during the meeting of the Council, the issue of professional training of specialists in the field of psychological and pedagogical support was raised.

The rector of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Alexei Lubkov, announced the training of personnel for psychological and pedagogical support at the university.

“Since 2019, we are changing the approach to the recruitment of applicants for the direction of training“ Special (defectological) education ”. We have abandoned the USE entrance exam in specialized mathematics, replacing it with a more significant subject for defectologists – social studies. In the first year, we do not assign students to training profiles, but give them the opportunity to get acquainted with their future profession, which allows them to make an informed choice. We are also launching two-profile bachelor’s programs, including Primary Education and Special Pedagogy and Russian Language and Inclusive Education, ”Lubkov said.

Council members supported the need to modernize defectology education, update the content of programs and improve the qualifications of the teaching staff, without which the education system of students with special educational needs will not receive specialists whose competencies correspond to modern requirements and the characteristics of modern children.

The Moscow Smena program will start on June 1, International Children’s Day, according to the press service of the Moscow Department of Education and Science.

The ceremony will take place at the A.P. Gaidar.

In 2019, the program will operate on the basis of 246 institutions, including 132 educational organizations, 27 sports schools and 87 social service organizations.

In total, three shifts are planned, the duration of each is at least 21 calendar days: from June 3, 2019 – I shift (educational, physical culture and health and social); from July 1, 2019 – II shift (health and fitness and social); from August 1, 2019 – III shift (social).

It is planned that in the summer of 2019, about 25 thousand Moscow children will take part in the program, including children from families in difficult life situations.

Moskovskaya Smena is an active recreation program for schoolchildren, within the framework of which children aged 7 to 14 can attend free summer shifts at general education and sports schools, as well as social institutions. An extensive educational and developmental program is being prepared for children, which includes cultural and sports events, visits to museums, theaters, concert venues and major attractions of the capital, master classes, excursions, meetings with interesting people and much more.

The Russian Military-Historical Society is launching a project of children’s military-historical camps “Country of Heroes”, the press service of the RVIO reports.

In 2019, camps will be opened in three Russian regions at once – in Crimea, Rostov and Astrakhan regions. Shifts in Crimea and Rostov region will start on June 1, on International Children’s Day, and in the Astrakhan region on June 24.

“The first sessions of the“ Country of Heroes ”are already fully formed, and we are pleased to note the sincere and very active interest on the part of Russian schoolchildren in participating in the military-patriotic program. Children and adolescents want to know the military history of their country, want to participate in patriotic and search organizations. The motto of the “Country of Heroes” – “Do not stand still, always develop and not be afraid of anything” – is really close to our youth, ”said Vitaly Martynyuk, director of the Agency for the Development of Domestic Tourism.

“Country of Heroes” is a project designed to educate Russian schoolchildren in the spirit of patriotism and deep respect for Russian history. As part of the summer shifts of the project, participants will gain project skills, learn to work in a team, overcome difficulties, develop strength, endurance and moral and volitional qualities.

In all three camps of the Country of Heroes, participants are given the opportunity to fulfill the standards of the All-Russian physical culture and sports complex “Ready for Labor and Defense”, to master the basics of water sports, parachuting and high-altitude training.

The program includes four main directions that a participant can choose for specialization: the “Defenders” direction physically and motivationally prepares schoolchildren to join the ranks of the Russian army; the direction “Keepers of History” is focused on the development of practical skills in the work of a military historian, archaeologist, search engine; the direction “Post No. 1” is designed to revive and strengthen the tradition of the guard of honor; direction “Cinema of Victory” prepares personnel for professional patriotic cinema.

The acceptance of works for the competition “Writing about the theater” is coming to an end, the press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation reports.

All-Russian children’s competitions of drawings and theatrical reviews “Writing about the theater!” are held in Russia within the framework of the large-scale cultural project “Theater-Children”, timed to coincide with the Year of Theater.

“The contests are held in two stages – at the regional and federal levels. The regional stage is held in each constituent entity of Russia, where the jury accepts and evaluates the work. The one who received hero essay the highest number of points is recognized as the winner of the regional stage and becomes a participant in the federal competition, ”the statement says.

Children from 6 to 10 years old can submit their work to the Children’s All-Russian competition of drawings dedicated to the theater. Applications are accepted until August 18, 2019. In the Children’s All-Russian competition of theatrical reviews “Writing about the theater!” schoolchildren from 11 to 16 years old, as well as applicants take part. Acceptance of applications from applicants to universities will end on May 30, 2019, and school students will be able to submit work until August 18.

The winners of the regional stage of the two competitions will be awarded with a ticket to the International Children’s Center “Artek” for a special session dedicated to the Year of Theater. The laureates of the federal stage will be rewarded with special prizes at the closing ceremony of the Theater-Children project. In addition, five authors of the best reviews among applicants will receive additional points to the sum of the entrance exams to the Russian Institute of Theater Arts (GITIS) and the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (RGISI).

In accordance with the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, 2019 is declared the Year of Theater in the Russian Federation.

Its main tasks are related to the preservation and popularization of the best domestic theatrical traditions and achievements, the availability of the best examples of theatrical art for residents of different cities, improving the organization of theatrical business and drawing attention to the issues of theater education. The year of the theater will cover all regions of Russia; large-scale international and all-Russian events are planned within its framework.

Russian state policy is built in favor of maximum support for families and the birth of children, said Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya.

She stated this during a press conference on the topic “Legislative regulation of the sphere of ensuring the safety of children and the formation of a friendly and comfortable environment for their life and development.” The event is timed to coincide with the International Children’s Day, which is celebrated on June 1.

“At the initiative of the President of Russia, we have 12 national projects. Funds allocated for education, health care, demography are in demand by every person. This is what a person comes into contact with in real life, ”Yarovaya said.

She recalled that 784.5 billion rubles were allocated for the implementation of the national project “Education”, and 3.1 trillion rubles for the implementation of the national project “Demography”. The plan for the Decade of Childhood has also been announced.

The Education National Project was approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018. It is designed to ensure the global competitiveness of Russian education, as well as the entry of the Russian Federation into the top 10 countries in terms of the quality of general education.