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Samuel Levenson At Harper College

The beloved humorist and author Sam Levenson finds that some of his old worldviews don’t fit the new one he now sees. Levenson’s grew up the youngest of eight children in a large Jewish immigrant family in New York. He evolved from a Spanish teacher in Brooklyn to working the Catskills circuit as a comedian.

By the 1950s, Levenson was a fixture in American homes as television personality, appearing and guest hosting numerous times on classic shows like This Is Show Business, Two For The Money, and The Ed Sullivan Show. For several years, he hosted his own variety show on CBS called The Sam Levenson Show, where the set doubled as a school classroom and where guests often evoked Levenson’s love of learning, teaching and family. Through his lens, looking back on his life, we see how the world has transformed.

Early Life

His wit and humor make for timeless observations on money, technology, and life, that endeared Levenson to millions of Americans over the last 50 years. Browse 40 sam levenson stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. The statue also reflects his love of music as the likeness depicts him holding his violin in his left hand.

The author and humorist Sam Levenson is quoted hundreds of time each day on Twitter, and his sayings appear on everything from t-shirts to inspirational signs. To read through and savor You Don’t Have To Be In Who’s Who To Know What’s What is to discover much of the source material for his timeless wisdom. For several years, he hosted his own variety show on CBS called The Sam Levenson Show, where the set doubled as a school classroom and the guests often evoked Levenson’s love of learning, teaching, and family. These experiences informed his lessons about life, family and careers, and make this definitive collections of his views and sayings so timeless.

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In this timeless classic that topped the New York Times bestseller list in 1966 and 1967, Sam Levenson recalls his childhood with the warmth and affectionate humor that endeared the author and humorist to millions of Americans. He recalls how his parents bestowed upon him a “life of plenty”—plenty of hope, ambition, and faith in education, all of which became the hallmarks of his life and career. As he remembers his parents with overwhelming love, and cherishes the ethical values they instilled in him, he shows how those values are timeless and have helped him as he became a parent. His vivid recollections of a big family, rich in everything but money, are interspersed with a deep concern for the social and moral dilemmas facing today’s young people, dilemmas which carry on to this day. Sam Levenson’s blend of sweetness, hilarity and wisdom shines through Everything But Money and offers lessons that we can all learn from, lessons that are timeless and as relevant now as they were 50 years after Everything But Money was first released .