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56% of the parents stated that they had befriended or followed their child on Instagram, Facebook or some other social networking platform. 60% of parents stated that they had checked their child’s social media pages. One in 20 children admitted to arranging a secret meeting with someone they met online. 86% of girls claimed to be able to conduct online chats without their parents knowing, 57% could read their parents’ email, and 54% could conduct a cyber relationship. 70% of children 7 to 18 years have accidentally encountered online pornography, often through a web search while doing homework.

While you may think that your child is most vulnerable when they’re on the computer, think again. Because their smartphones carry an unlimited number of apps, this is actually where a lot of the cyberbullying can occur. As much as you educate your children on the risks of the internet, they could still end up stumbling into a virus or malware. If your child is a bit younger, there’s a greater chance that they will come across a warning page that they will click on anyway. These days, kids are exposed to multiple different devices, software downloads site from tablets and smartphones to even school laptops.

Most social apps include chats and group messages that your child can be a part of. This immediately exposes them to the risk of being cyberbullied, and if there are more than two people in the group chat, the risk can be even higher.

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  • We chose Qustodio over some other apps because it provides a large variety of control tools that work across a number of browsers and operating systems.
  • Although their free option is very limited, allowing for just one profile and one device to be monitored, the premium plans are what make this app stand out.
  • You can also adjust the app to screen for the severity of your child’s behavior on a sliding scale.
  • The premium plan starts at $54.95 per year to monitor up to five devices, $96.95 per year for up to 10 devices, and $137.95 per year for up to 15 devices.

While it’s good to scroll through their group chats now and then to make sure they’re safe, it’s also recommended that you implement a system that can filter out dangerous behavior. Using a phone monitoring device is a great way to implement those all-important boundaries, even when your child is just using their phone. This way you can make sure they’re not becoming a part of groups chats that could compromise their safety and well-being.

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17% of tweens surveyed said they received an email or online message with photos or words that made them feel uncomfortable (and only 7% of parents were aware of this). Even though Kik recently introduced new tools for parents, it’s a predators’ paradise; block it. Secondly, as part of the site’s attempts to clean up its image, it introduced random screenshots. In practice, that means your child’s video feed could be snapped without their knowledge or consent and looked at by a complete stranger—even if they’re doing nothing wrong. With a phone monitoring system, your child can be protected from anti-social and aggressive behavior without you checking up on them all the time.