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Smash TV was a twin-stick shooter way before they were even considered a sub-genre. While games like Commando gave you a rotary stick to shoot different directions, Smash TV bestowed players with an additional joystick to move and shoot freely. Like a lot of 90s games, it really looks like you’re playing a cartoon.

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But despite all of that, you’re in for a serious whoopin’. Capcom in the 90s did not care if you were an innocent child. And yeah, a lot of people prefer the Genesis version . But if you like fighting games, it’s nice to have another cheap option for multiplayer. But when the SNES Mouse came into being, a whole new opportunity for PC-style games cropped up.

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Be warned though, that if you’re going to get lost without a guide. Unless you do what we all did as young’uns and sit in front of your screen with a pencil and some graph paper and track every single step. However, pokemon emerald like many of these games, the difficulty could be maddening. It was great, and it spawned a cottage industry of dino T-shirts, lunchboxes, coloring books, and of course a handful of video games.

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You have a life bar, rather than just exploding with every single hit. This makes UN Squadron a great shmup for those of us who aren’t super-skilled at these kind of games.

One of the handful of SNES games that used the Super FX Chip, Stunt Race was revolutionary in its use of high-quality polygons in a 3D environment. But the resolution and framerates were both pretty small and didn’t make for a great play experience.