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Even if you primarily use other kitchen planners, it helps to have the Houzz app on board as a supplement. Homebase is a scheduling tool that makes scheduling shift work for employees easy. Whether you have 10 locations or 1,000 locations, we make it easy to manage your online reviews. As kids who can’t physically attend school spend more time online, parents have more to worry about. Use parental control filters to help keep your kids safe, but also show kids how to check that websites are secure, help them guard their personal info, and keep your computer’s software updated. We like that there’s a free version available, but it’s really basic—if you want more than a content filter and screen time management, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium plan. Set limits on time spent in certain apps or games, and review an activity timeline that shows you exactly where your kiddos are spending their time online.

This spyware lets you see what’s going on without your children knowing. It’s common to make a mistake now and then, but this doesn’t mean everyone should know about it. Score My Reviews catches negative reviews before they hit the online review sites and destroy your business. Our software automatically displays positive testimonials on your website. The system allows you to select the type of reviews to show. You can show four stars or or only 5-star reviews on your website.

The #1 most-reliable remote access and support solutions that keep your business running no matter where you’re working. Reviewr is a cloud-based digital experience used to collect, manage, and review online submissions.

Radmin is ideal for remote support, telecommuting and system administration. You can work on your devices offsite or maintain unattended computers and servers over a LAN or the internet. Remote access and support software is available with a 30-day free trial download.

At $99 per year, Bark is one of the most expensive parental control apps we’ve seen, but also one of the most comprehensive. But it does offer a free 7-day trial period, and you can use the app on an unlimited number of devices. We think Bark steals the show when it comes to social media monitoring, and with its recently updated its offerings that now include web filtering and screen time limits, it’s hard to beat. All of the parental control filters we recommend are monitoring tools that let you set limits and keep an eye on your child’s online activity. There are other products out there that are designed for covert observation of your kid’s search habits, texting, etc.

Professional and time conscious online judging experience results in higher quality reviews, feedback, and increased year over volunteers. The Reviewr submission management software helps you spend less energy managing, and more time making an impact. Houzz’ app won an award from The New York Times as one of the best for home improvement. Yet clearly, based on user reviewer, this design app is difficult to use and buggy. But this app still receives high marks because Houzz is a huge power player in the home improvement area.

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Splashtop offers several different features for accessing remote Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebook, iOS and Android devices. Among the tools offers are drag-and-drop file transfer, remote printing, and remote deployment. Splashtop Business Access Pro users receive additional features, TeamViewer including multi-to-multi monitors, user management, chat, view-only mode, remote reboot and wake, and session recording.

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All you need to do it copy and paste our simple one line script to your web page and review stream and review page will appear automatically on your site. This social proof will help you to gain more new costumers and your conversion rate will increase. Architecture software has become essential in the modern digital world, making it easier to draw up, save, and print plans for your designs. Additionally, while there are various digital design packages out there, architects need something more dedicated than normal graphic design software. gives a simple way to generate reviews on the sites where businesses need them. By providing a product that agencies can use to offer this service, it adds an easy way to increase revenues as well. With, you can easily generate, monitor and market online reviews on the sites important to your business.

The Reviewr submission management software powers recognition awards, grants, scholarships, competitions, fellowships, and so much more so you spend less energy managing, and more time making an impact. Reviewr has provided a platform that is easy to use and easy to share with scholarship applicants and judges alike. The support for building and re-designing has been wonderful! After discussing the benefits of various options, changes are made quickly and without complaint. Plus, information is stored from one year to the next, which makes the next year’s efforts easier. Using Reviewr decreased the staff time for the scholarship program by 60%.

Next, we evaluated each software solution on a more in-depth scale. We looked at company websites and online resources to evaluate the functionality and sharing features available, as well as the general usability of each program. We spoke with several small business owners about the software they used and the features that matter the most to them.