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Spotlight, Settings, And Notification Icons

At first I thought the little red triangular tabs were a nice visual indicator, but somehow they messed that up too. Each icon could have had the tab in a different corner, but Calendar and Drive both have it on the bottom right. They’re different kinds of triangles, at least — but that’s a freebie from trigonometry.

  • For example, the live data monitoring is limited to just battery voltage.
  • Information like O2 data is not available for all vehicles.
  • The scanner offers more diagnostic trouble codes, clear code capabilities, and monitoring features than most sub-$100 models.
  • Despite being marked as a professional-grade scanner, the NT301 lacks some of the more advanced features that true professional models offer.

By comparison, ICONS has possibly the single coolest Precognition mechanic I’ve ever seen in an RPG. As a power Precognition is possibly overpowered or underpriced, even with the limit of spending Determination, but I still find it a really clever approach to what had previously felt like a GM-plot device. Okay, I didn’t like the presentation of the book, but what about the actual game? It’s an exercise in FATE-powered super hero gaming driven by mechanics that are based on GM fiat and player-controlled narratives. I really want to say it’s great and perfect GetFLV and wonderful, because the idea of FATE-powered super heroic gaming excites me.

App Icon Attributes

I will point out two bits I found interesting among the actual powers themselves however. I know I keep harping on how ICONS doesn’t try to be balanced, but this was a bit much.

Personally I’d drop Invisibility altogether and just rename Chameleon. I’d also point out that the text of Chameleon implies that NPCs can roll to detect PCs, which contradicts the rule that only players ever roll . Minor problems at most, especially considering how easy it is to houserule ICONS, but they really jumped out at me.

Education With Integrity

But everything in ICONS strives for vagueness, with the underlying idea seeming to be that narrative control mechanics will alleviate any sort of imbalances. Goto No witty banter to set the review up, no establishing of my “reviewer cred” here, just an in-depth look at Steven Kenson’s new superhero RPG, ICONS. My guess is the design team spent a lot of time looking at these logos at a fairly large size, and didn’t think too hard about how they’d look in actual use on the screen a cheap Chromebook or Android phone. You can tell because they all have really small features that will be lost to aliasing when they’re 20 pixels wide.