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It didn’t display it properly, but it tried, and you could see most of the content in it. Download, un-zip, and run the exe, that’s all there is to setup. A friend of mine does, and this review is based on mainly what she’s told me about it. At some point, I want to borrow her phone and play with Aldiko for a while, then fill out the rest of the review. Also, if you’re interested in making or editing ePubs, I now have a Sigil tutorial available.

The updates consist mostly of bug fixes and support for a few more platforms. An OS X build has been contributed, and a few minor updates have been released. Here’s where people that are nitpicky about customization will think they’ve died and gone to heaven. If you know even a little about CSS, you can change EVERYTHING about the way the book looks. Surprisingly, it even opened the ePub 3 file that I got from Azardi’s website.

  • FilmoraGo is a solid video editing app without any watermarks or paid subscriptions.
  • You can easily add themes, text, and titles to your videos.
  • Add music, transitions, and trim video clips all from within the app.
  • These days, choosing your music software is just as important as choosing your DAW because you’re committing to learning its features and idiosyncrasies.
  • You might think that there aren’t enough differences in software vendors’ offerings on the surface, but choosing the right orchestral VST for you requires quite a bit of consideration.

It has settings to change the metadata, set the font size, and even add a border. When you want a choice between converting ePUB files online or in an app, check out File Converter. With File Converter, you get an Android app and an online converter, both of which are easy to use and capable of converting most file types beyond just e-books. Sometimes e-book converters get hidden along with other types of file converters. Convertio is one of those web apps that converts thousands of file formats, e-books included. Just upload your file, choose an e-book format, and you’re done.


ePUB Converter accepts most e-book formats and is easy to use. Just select the converter you want and upload your file to convert ePUB files to different e-book formats. Optimizing page load times can help with your rankings and sales – pick up some site speed optimization tips.

The Top 9 Most Useful Ebook Writing Software

By that, I mean that it doesn’t support syncing to any dedicated e-reader software. According to the webpage, it will however, run on devices that run mobile Firefox. Openberg was able to open all types of files thrown at it. Since Openberg is a plug-in for Firefox, it brings with it certain advantages and disadvantages. If you’re surfing a web site that has a link to a ePub file, the file opens in the browser and you’re off and reading. This is a great thing from a usability standpoint, but there are problems with the approach, as noted above. There haven’t been any ePub related updates since the reviewed version, so I won’t do a new review yet.

Data security – finished product is read-only and a password can be added. As ebook type publications have evolved, they’ve become much more than just a simple PDF file or a series of HTML pages cobbled together within a self-contained browser type environment. Amazon bought Lexcycle, and, surprise, surprise, Stanza is now dead. It has been updated to run on iOS 5, but the developers have said this is the last Itunes time it will be updated. This is another program I wasn’t expecting much out of, as the first few versions of it did little more than sync with the Sony Reader and weren’t worth reviewing. I also want to comment on the the "No mobile device support" con.