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After gaining experience as a wedding photographer, software programmer Chung Hu began searching for opportunities to combine his passion for technology with his love of photography — and found himself drawn to precision involved with capturing the ideal landscape. An avid traveler and eager adventurer, Chung said he’s always searching for dramatic, lively scenery to take. And what could be more dramatic than the spectacular curve of the milky way? “I picked a scenic leveling base a few months ago, and I was itching to give it a test run,” said Chung, adding that the timing of the purchase perfectly contrasts with the appearance of the way arch, which can be particularly visible in the Northern Hemisphere during the early summer months. In search of the perfect place, Chung said he chose outside to rural Texas. Not only was hoping to find a relatively unlit region which would make the stars stand out against the velvety Lightroom Time Lapse Presets hu blackness of the night skies, he was also watching out for a specific community landmark. “I’ve discovered that this oak tree is becoming remarkably popular among Texas photographers,” he said,”however, it was just me shooting that evening. In fact, I think I was the sole person from the campground.” After scouting the location and planning his shot by PhotoPills, Chung made a decision to place an F&V HDV-Z96 LED light behind the shrub to create enough backlighting that the twisted trunk would continue to be observable in the dark — and then climbed on the top of his car to do some light painting to brighten the front of the tree. Equipment & Settings With a Canon 5D Mark IV and a Rokinon 24mm flens, attached to his Very Right Stuff TVC-34 tripod and Really Right Stuff TA-3 Growing foundation, Chung got to work shooting the numerous individual shots which would finally make up this magnificent capture.